Policies and Procedures

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Valuing our people

Valuing others means seeing difference as something positive. It means trying to understand how others think and feel. When employees feel trusted and valued, they become more dedicated to supporting the organisation they work for and productivity increases.

To do this staff need:

  • to feel that they are understood
  • to feel autonomous
  • to feel valued
  • to feel cared for
  • to feel invested in

At LTH, we believe that the Primary Care approach should be centred around the following values and priorities:

Our Culture Matters

A civil and respectful workplace where staff feel they belong. Inclusive with no place for discrimination.


  • All staff are educated about different cultures to improve behaviours and the working environment so that we move from a blame culture to developing a learning culture.

Our Environment Matters

A workplace that recognises and proactively supports the physical and emotional needs of their staff for them to thrive and progress.


  • Improvements to recruitment processes to ensure a non-bias approach
  • Increasing the diversity of recruitment panels
  • Use of fair interview and decision-making processes
  • Improved processes and mechanisms for learning around incidents
  • Embedding health and wellbeing conversations and supporting leaders in holding them effectively to ensure staff are supported with their personal and professional development
  • Increasing use of digital technology that allows the workforce to undertake improved flexible working practices

Our Voice Matters

A workplace that is psychologically safe to speak up with ideas, questions, concerns, and mistakes. Confident that your voice is valued.


  • Continuous development of system-wide staff networks as a mechanism for peer support, mentoring and making change happen

Our Healthy Minds Matter

A workplace that focuses on safety, fairness, and stability to ensure staff can balance their daily work and home life pressures & challenges.


  • Continued promotion of the Primary Care health and wellbeing offer and signposting to the system HWB offers in collaboration with the system health and wellbeing hub.

Our Healthy Body Matters

A workplace that is flexible and understands the importance of providing tools and resources for staff to evolve into their healthiest, happiest, and best self.


  • Continued promotion of the Primary Care health and wellbeing offer including the Champion Health app with online workouts and exercise classes.
  • System scoping and proposal of a systemwide Men’s Health offer to break down barriers and improve access.

If you work in Primary Care and want to find out more, please go to the EDI tab on our Resources page