Molly Butcher: One of Our Medical Student Ambassadors

Lincolnshire Training Hub Student Ambassador Case Study

The Lincolnshire Training Hub (LTH) works closely with Universities such as Lincoln and Nottingham, as well as the Talent Academy to support students in achieving their dream of becoming future Doctors via the Aspiring Medics and Future Doctor programmes. LTH spoke with a student, Molly, who attended this programme and is now studying medicine at University.


Why medicine?


My ambition to become a doctor was formed by personal experience: seeing critical illness within my family at a young age. Seeing healthcare professionals save some of the most important people in my life, while also juggling the task of connecting with a young child, put me in awe of this occupation. Therefore, I couldn’t think of a more fulfilling, personally meaningful, vocation for me to pursue. I did some research into it by attending multiple courses, like the aspiring medics course, and went to University open days, which fuelled my desire to do medicine.


So, you attended the Aspiring Medics programme, what did it involve?


I attended the programme back in 2016, and this involved 5 days of learning. Activities included:

How to wash hands

  • How to suture up a cut
  • How to take blood
  • UKCAT preparation
  • Time on wards
  • Application help
  • Personal statement help


What did you enjoy the most about it?


I enjoyed the ward time the most, as it was my first taste of ward experience. It was also interesting to learn practical skills that I wasn’t able to learn anywhere else. This gave me a chance to experience what it actually feels like to be a medical student, and the skills they are expected to learn.


How did it help you with your chosen career path?


I had an amazing buzz attending the course, and it confirmed my desire to study medicine. It also gave me some experiences that made me feel more confident in my application to medicine, and linked me up with other people who were also applying, or had already gone through the process. This gave me a good support network to talk to and ask questions from, during the medical school application.


Since attending the programme what have you been doing?


After the programme, I became a Student Ambassador for the Lincolnshire Training Hub. Undertaking this role has helped me widen my knowledge of general practice, how the NHS operates and is supported behind the scenes in terms of system engagement.

It has also given me the chance to help build new programmes with the LTH team, like the Future Doctor programme ], and help school-leavers from the Lincolnshire region with their medicine applications. This included assisting with interview preparation and providing application tips.  It was a fun way to take what I learnt from my first hand experience applying to medicine, and help other students hoping to follow a similar path.

I also set up a virtual interview knowledge session, giving students the opportunity to learn about top tips, common themes, and key documents in time for their interviews. We also gave them the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 interview with a medical student. This was held over zoom and was done to help the students adapt to the new process that has changed due to COVID. It received great feedback from the students, who all said they would recommend it to friends.

My future plans include setting up a new knowledge-sharing session, along side the other LTH staff, for Year 9-11 students who are considering medicine. I enjoy being set new challenges to do within this team, and enjoy helping new students from the area that once helped me follow my dreams and aspirations. I am grateful that LTH has given me the chance to do this.

I am also now a third-year medical student at Newcastle University – I applied in 2018 and received 4 offers from Southampton, Newcastle, Manchester and Sheffield.


COVID-19 is something that has impacted us all, how has it affected your studies and placements?


I am on placement for the entirety of 3rd year, therefore I am classed as an essential worker and my university teaching hasn’t been altered too much. I have online lectures, but in person practical skills teaching and placement has been left untouched.

However – there have been many ward outbreaks and ward re-allocations due to coronavirus. Due to this, teaching sessions have been reduced, due to the understaffing and pressure the virus has put on the staff of the NHS. Fortunately, the teaching the doctors and healthcare staff have still been able to provide us with good support whilst working on wards.


What next?


Hopefully – I will pass medical school and be able to progress to being a Foundation Doctor in the north east. I am unsure what will happen after this!


Do you know what speciality you plan to follow?


I am not really sure, but I have a few top specialities:

  • GP
  • Cardiology
  • Paeds
  • Psychiatry
  • Obs/Gynae


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