Impact of Long-Term Health Conditions

Delivered by the Midlands Leadership Academy

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The workshop is available to access on 4 more dates and all take place 10.00am – 12.00pm.

This free to access masterclass will consider the impact of long-term conditions from a public health perspective. Facilitated and developed by Dr Patricia Smith who is a Senior Lecturer in Allied health and Public Health at the University of East London for the Midlands Leadership Academy, the workshop is designed to support health and care professionals working in population health, participants will build their knowledge and skills within this area as well as:

Develop skills in strategic planning for community-based programmes for chronic long-term conditions and its implications on public health

Inform health care workers, carers and family members who live or work with people with chronic condition in self-managements and self-care to bring about life-long change.

To help people with long term chronic conditions regain their confidence, mobility, and return to exercise levels to improve and maintain their quality of life and functional independence

To get guidance on how to re-navigate their way through the changes in the Health and Social Care system that have occurred post COVID

Topics to be covered within the session include perspectives on health (WHO, Public health and Allied Health), social determinants of health in relation to chronic health conditions and health promotion and self-care strategies in long term health conditions.

Learning Outcomes

Understand population health in relation to long term chronic condition.

Begin to understand the role social determinates of health have on community based services in long term conditions.

Develop confidence in apply self-help & self-management techniques in chronic long-term conditions at primary care level.

Ability to train others in self-help techniques in chronic conditions at primary care level.


Who can attend?

This workshop is open to all NHS staff from Primary, Secondary and Social Care

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Nov 28 2022