Midlands Leadership Academy: Leading for an inclusive culture – Workshop 2 – Leading inclusively and appreciatively

Workshop 1 – Leading with cultural sensitivity – 24 January 2023 09:30 – 13:00
Workshop 2 – Leading inclusively and appreciatively – 9 February 2023 09:30 – 13:00

‘My key learning point from the workshops was the model of change and how the steps if done correctly, will bring about effective change’

This workshop series is not designed to teach you about ‘difference’ but rather to help you to lead with what makes us all unique and stronger together. Aimed at leaders and managers at all levels, it is about what you ‘do’ as a leader to create a socially inclusive culture and not who you ‘are’ as a leader.

There are two workshops as part of this offer and you are required to attend both sessions. Each workshop will last for 3.5 hours, with breaks, and will use a variety of models and break-out techniques for you to explore challenges and barriers and develop a personal plan.

Workshop one: Leading with cultural sensitivity. We will explore what ‘otherising’ means, seeking to appreciate difference and understanding bias in all its dimensions and drivers. Taking an appreciative & positive approach we will use various models and tools to support you to use your curiosity, to understand emergent challenges around cross cultural dimensions and how to build a bridge of trust with others, with empathy and sensitivity.

Workshop two: Leading inclusively and appreciatively. We will build on the theme of understanding, to focus on communication and messaging and to be an active catalyst for an inclusive culture. We will explore how to recognise micro-aggressions, how to generate agency, supportiveness and allyship in others and how to be an active bystander through interventions. Developing the courage to lean into difficult situations, developing the skills for adaptive styles of communication and messaging are all themes of this workshop. Whether it’s about your colleagues, patients, service-users or carers, you’ll learn, as inclusive leaders, how you can lead by example and develop a culture of appreciation for diversity and the challenges of also working in a virtual world.

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Feb 09 2023


9:30 am - 1:00 pm