NHS People Promise Staff Engagement Webinar

NHS People Promise Staff Engagement Webinar

Tuesday 30th April 12:30pm-1:30pm

The NHS People Promise is a national initiative that seeks to improve the experience of working in the NHS for everyone. The themes and words that make up the People Promise have come from NHS staff in all roles and at all levels via staff surveys and listening exercises. NHS staff across the country have made it clear what matters most to them, and what would make the greatest difference in improving their experience in the workplace.


The People Promise comprises of seven elements as illustrated in the graphic below:

  • We are inclusive and compassionate
  • We are recognised and rewarded
  • We have a voice that counts
  • We are safe and healthy
  • We are always learning
  • We work flexibly
  • We are a team

More information about the NHS People Promise can be found here: NHS England » Our NHS People Promise


Watch TV Doctor Dr Amir Khan and NHS staff working in a broad range of roles across the country explain the NHS People Promise:

Our NHS People Promise (Full length, BSL) – YouTube


To explain the People Promise in more detail, set out our plans and targeted actions for the coming 12 months, and to seek your input on how you would like to see the NHS People Promise implemented in Lincolnshire Primary Care, the new People Promise Managers for Lincolnshire Primary Care will be running a stakeholder engagement event on Tuesday 30th April 12:30pm-1:30pm. Everyone is welcome – the NHS People Promise is for all staff, both clinical and non-clinical, working at all levels. If you are not free for the whole hour, please do drop in as and when you are available. We will also be recording the event for anyone not available on this date.


The Teams link for the event can be found below:


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Meeting ID: 340 845 056 447

Passcode: 9svWxs


Apr 30 2024


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm