WDF Dying to communicate course

2 day online workshop 14th and 15th November 2022

Closing Date: Tuesday 11th October.

The online workshop will encourage you to reflect on the importance of good communication in the support of patients and their families when having those challenging conversations around Palliative Care and End of Life and being able to practice those skills in a safe environment.

What will I get from the course:

  • What will I get from the course – Explore your own communication learning needs
  • Study the theory of communication in complex situations
  • Experiential learning, scenario work with actors and facilitators in a safe environment
  • Develop reflective practice skills and increased self-awareness
  • Understand how to encourage patients to explore their feelings
  • Professional responsibilities and cultural issues
  • Reflect on the Implications of Covid-19

Please note, this course is not recommended if you have experienced a bereavement in the last 12months

For further information please contact Hannah.daniel2@nhs.net


Nov 14 - 15 2022