Closing date for Word and Excel courses Delivered by Lincoln College

Closing Date: Thursday 21st October 

Dates: To be confirmed with Lincoln College once we have numbers. Courses are likely to run on a Thursday.

Online courses via MS Teams, 2 x 3hr sessions.

Available courses:

  • Introduction to Word: Create and format a document – Insert images and tables – Format and edit text
  • Intermediate Word: Using MS Word 2010 – Page Layout options – Applying styles – Formatting and editing text – Inserting and modifying images – Headers and Footers – Inserting and modifying tables – Formatting paragraphs – Mail Merge
  • Advanced Word: Paragraph Formatting – Outline Numbering – Styles and Table of Contents – Autocorrect and Building Blocks – Sections – Compare and Combine Documents – Tracking and Comments – Referencing – bookmarks, captions, cross referencing, indexing, foot/end notes – Outline view – Master Documents – Form Fields – Passwords and Editing Restrictions
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets: Create a spreadsheet – Format data and worksheets – Perform calculations using basic formulas and functions – Insert chart
  • Intermediate Spreadsheets: Cell formatting – Cell referencing – relative and absolute addressing – Errors in formulas and functions – Functions – IF, Counts, Nested IF, Rank, Lookups, – Excel tables – Formatting and manipulating worksheets – Display options – Printing and page set up options – Sorting and filtering data – Charts
  • Advanced Spreadsheets: Naming cells and ranges – Functions – Lookups, IndexMatch, Sumifs, Countifs, Text functions – Conditional Formatting – Passwords and Protection – Linking & Embedding – Data Validation – Pivot Tables – Auditing and Reviewing – Subtotals, grouping and outlining – Scenarios – Basic Macros (not VBA)

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Oct 21 2021