Dan Petrie

GP mentor

I am a GP partner in Stamford having moved to Lincolnshire as a Royal Air Force junior doctor. I studied medicine in Sheffield and then completed my training mainly at Peterborough and in the community local to South Lincolnshire. I completed my GP training in 2011 and joined the NHS in 2013, initially as a salaried GP prior to taking on my partnership.

If I hadn’t been a GP I would have probably gone down the psychiatry route however I have been able to develop a special interest in this area, both clinically and from a leadership perspective. I have been the mental health lead for 2 CCGs most recently being part of the team developing Lincolnshire’s mental health transformation plans. In addition I was the founding clinical director for our PCN which built on the extensive leadership training I gained in the RAF.

Latterly I have increasingly focused on wellbeing and support of the workforce through coaching, training in open dialogue and a spell working for practitioner health.

I have 4 kids, love cycling and paddle boarding and hanging out with friends.