Gill Beardmore

Workforce Transformation GPN Lead

Gill’s 40+ years as a registered nurse has been primarily in general practice. Her non-medical prescribing qualification, in-depth knowledge of cardiovascular disease and treating minor illness contributed to her development as a general practice nurse (GPN) leader. Gill completed a master’s degree in Medical Education with distinction at Nottingham University in May 2014 culminating in a dissertation entitled, ‘General Practice Nurse Education: attitudes to training’. In 2017 she was honoured to become a Queen’s Nurse. Gill has written for several nursing journals, her latest publication appearing in ‘Journal of General Practice Nursing’ in July 2018. She worked with Health Education England from 2012 until 2021 and from 2018 was responsible for the supply and development of the general practice nursing workforce across the East Midlands. Flagship work included developing a programme of education for new GPNs known as ‘GPN Fundamentals’ and pioneering ‘GPN Specialty Training’, a programme to support entry in general practice nursing. Following her retirement from HEE in October 2021 she began working with Lincolnshire Training Hub as Workforce Transformation GPN Lead.