Jaslynn Kaur


I am Jaslynn! I am a second-year Pharmacy student. I am 20 years old. The reason I wanted to become a Pharmacy Ambassador is that when I was applying for University, I didn’t know much about the field of Pharmacy, most of my research came from the prospectus and student forums. If you go down the rabbit hole on the internet, you find out more cons than pros.

My purpose is to tell you about my experiences, what things would I have done differently, and tips. I wanted to study pharmacy because I am fascinated by how various diseases affect the body, what management is required for the patient, and how I can be a part of the patient journey from beginning to end. After doing work experience in a pharmacy and seeing how the system works, I was re-energized in my desire to pursue a career in pharmacy.

I took an unusual path to MPharm, completing my A-levels during Covid 2020. I didn’t get the grades I needed on results day, so I ended up doing a Science Foundation Year at the University of Lincoln. Now that I’ve completed Year 1, I only have three years left!