Lucy Merrill

Clinical Educator

I am a General Practice Nurse in Lincoln and I joined Lincolnshire Training Hub as a Junior Nurse Fellow in September 2020.

I qualified as an adult nurse in 2014 and was employed as a hospital staff nurse, however I was keen to transfer into primary care so that I could help patients to manage their own conditions and prevent unwanted hospital admissions.

I found it hard to transition into practice nursing as at the time any job adverts specified that they required an experienced practice nurse. I was extremely fortunate in 2019 to obtain a temporary position as a trainee General Practice Nurse where I was able to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in General Practice Nursing whilst working in a practice. Thanks to this opportunity I was able to gain new, relevant qualifications and subsequently obtained permanent employment in General Practice in January 2020.

As part of my role within LTH I am hoping to continue to enable more students to experience work in general practice and to raise the profile of general practice nursing as a first-choice career.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my young family and exploring the countryside with them.