Yuen Toh

Pharmacy Ambassador

Hi, My name is Yuen Toh and I am a Lead Senior Pharmacist in Apex PCN in Lincoln.

Having extensive experience in coaching people, I set out to build a pharmacy team consisting of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to compliment a multidisciplinary approach to patient care in a modern GP practice.  My previous experience in community pharmacy and private sector prescribing allows me to better understand and answer the needs of the patient.

A proud Nottingham University graduate I expanded my educational adventure by completing a Post Graduate Diploma in cardiovascular health. As a prescriber, my clinics provide plenty of opportunities to be directly involved in care where shared decision making and patient centred approach may yield better, more coherent, effective and measurable health outcomes.

Professionally I am passionate about mentoring and supporting colleagues in a wider team with special interest in bridging the gaps during transitions between community pharmacy, General Practice and Secondary Care. Vision of pharmacy professionals united regardless of sector of work allows me to look forward to our future where personal leadership takes a vital role in integration with wholesome National Health Service. Together we can do more!

If you catch me not doing any of the above, I will be either painting, playing piano or doing yoga at the break of dawn.