Career Pathways within Primary Care

There are a wide range of opportunities to develop and specialise within each of the roles in Primary Care. Click on the dropdowns to find out more.

Example of Practice Nursing Career Pathway:

Care Certificate

Basic skills courses – phlebotomy, taking blood pressures, basic wound-care, NHS health-checks etc…

IM injections, adult vaccines, observations for chronic disease, compression, more complex wound-care

Current Courses and Events

2 year Apprenticeship programme – Typically 3 days in practice, 1 day in university, 1 day on placement/insight visits.

For further information about the programme, please see:

Nursing Associate Preceptorship Programme.

Cervical cytology training – Contact LTH for more information

Basic Chronic Disease Management

Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor Training

Details of courses currently available will appear on the current courses and evets page throughout the year.

Minor Illness – Contact LTH for guidance