Futures Programme

The Futures Programme was created to equip students with the tools to follow their aspirations of qualifying into a role in healthcare within the NHS. We run a series of programmes, currently Future Doctor, Future Nurse and Future Pharmacist, and are aiming to expand this in the future.

Aided by our student ambassadors, we run events throughout the university application process to help pupils reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. These range from presentations explaining what the different professions are and how to know if they are suited to you, to more specific courses like mock interviews for students in the present application cycle. We also show insight into the other entrances into healthcare roles.

For further information, use the drop downs below to see more specific details on each programme or please contact Molly Butcher (molly.butcher@nhs.net).


Future Doctor was created by current medical students after experiencing the daunting process of Medical School application, and wishing they had better resources and help while going through this.

Currently we are aiming to run this programme in a yearly cycle with the events below:

January/February: Virtual Work Experience

An interactive session going through cases with live simulated patients. Aimed at Year 11-12’s who need more experience with what healthcare can be.

April AND May: Should I Become a Doctor?

A session that highlights what medicine is, as a university degree and a career. We discuss how to get there, and alternatives to consider if you aren’t sure. Aimed at Year 9-12.

June: Future Doctor

Looking at the application process in detail, with lots of hints and tips on how to get a place into medical school. Aimed at Year 12-13+.

June: UCAT

A course used to help students with their UCAT revision, including teaching and practice questions. Aimed at students who are sitting the UCAT in the next few months.

July: Medical Work Experience Simulation Event

A medical work experience simulation event aimed at students who will be applying for medicine to help them develop experience that will strengthen their application.

September: Personal Statement Workshop

Advice on how to write and perfect a personal statement before sending it off for the UCAS deadline. Aimed at Year 13+ applying for medicine this year.

October AND November: Interview Course

An interactive workshop and 1:1 Mock Interview stations to help prepare students for upcoming medical interviews. Students will receive personalised written feedback to help them improve. Aimed at Year 13+ with very limited places.


Future Nurse was created following the success of the Future Doctor programme to help aid people into nursing careers. We understand that there are many pathways into this profession that may seem daunting or hard to understand, therefore our team and student ambassadors aim to give insight into these, and aid secondary school students on their path into nursing.

June – Future Nurse

An event for year 10-12 students with details of entrance routes and course requirements for studying nursing, information about life as a nursing student, an insight into day-to-day life as a qualified nurse and the chance to ask any questions you have about nursing.

September– Future Nurse Q&A event

An event for year 12 students with the opportunity to ask any questions you have about studying nursing and becoming a nurse.

December– Future Nurse: Supporting UCAS Applications

An event for year 13 students with top tips for completing your UCAS application.

Recordings of Previous Events

Future Nurse event 15/09/2021

Future Nurse event December 2021. Includes a special focus on completing UCAS forms and writing personal statements.


Future Pharmacist is a new programme set up following the success of the other Future programmes. Our pilot event aimed at years 9+ interested in a career in pharmacy took place on Thursday 23rd September 2021. Please see below for a recording of the event.

Recordings of Previous Events

Future Pharmacist event June 2022

Our Future Healthcare Professional programme was launched in March 2022. Aimed at younger secondary school students looking to explore a variety of roles within the healthcare sector, this interactive webinar covers careers in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, paramedic science, occupational therapy and non-clinical roles.

Please see below for a recording of the event.

Recording of previous events

Future Healthcare Professional event March 2022

Events Currently Open for Application

Lincolnshire Training Hub Future Healthcare Mentoring Programme

Are you applying to study healthcare at University?

Lincolnshire Training Hub Future Healthcare Mentoring Programme works with the Brightside Mentoring Platform.  We will match you with a mentor who is a student studying Medicine, Pharmacy, Paramedic Science or Nursing.

How does the mentor programme work?

  • We give you mentors to help you think about and work towards your future goals
  • All communication takes place online so you can access mentoring from anywhere and contact your mentor at anytime

Having a mentor benefits you if you:

  • Want 1:1, personalised support and advice to help build your confidence
  • Would like personalised support writing your application for university
  • Are curious about student life, student finance and next steps after applications

Feedback for other Brightside Mentor Programmes:

  • “I think this experience helped me a lot with my decisions and I am glad I had the chance to ask all my questions about University. My mentor was really lovely and very understanding.”
  • “My mentor was well matched to me as she is in uni and is studying a science subject. She also replied regularly and was a good help overall.”
  • “My university student mentor understood me, she didn’t go on and judge me and I’m thankful for that. She gave me a range of options to look into which I’d never even thought about nor considered. She opened up my options to my future…I will now look at the further options that she opened up for me. Thank you for pairing me up with her, she was amazing!”

How do I sign up?

If you are in Year 12 and live, or are studying in Lincolnshire, please complete the application form below and return it to ruth.pollock@nhs.net by Friday 14th October.

Upcoming Course Applications Ending Soon



Course Closing Date
Ensuring decisions are underpinned by evidence from research. 23rd Sept
Mary Seacole Local Programme for First Time Leaders 26th Sept
21st Century GP Webinar Series: General Financial Planning 26th Sept
Communicating with Care Homes 27th Sept
Digital GP 27th Sept
Portfolio GP 28th Sept
Shiny Mind Live Authenticity webinar 29th Sept
Managing Deterioration webinar 29th Sept
The Cancer Update – Study Day Live Course for Lincolnshire ICB (Virtual) 30th Sept
Managing Deterioration webinar 30th Sept

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