The NHS Long Term Plan contains a commitment that by 2023/24 every patient in England will be able to access a digital first Primary Care offer. Access to Primary Care services via online consultations will be a key part of achieving that commitment.

The use of online consultation tools (OCTs) has increased dramatically in Primary Care since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. OCTs enable people to make contact with their GP practice without having to wait on the phone or take time out to come into the practice. From a practice perspective, online consultations can enhance the practice’s ability to effectively manage time and workload, and improve staff satisfaction. Patients can use online consultations to ask questions, report symptoms, submit an administrative request, discuss other information including the ability for a review of a known problem or condition and upload photos where appropriate. The practice usually triages the request and responds within a stated timeframe. Practice staff help signpost the patient to the right person, service or support 1.

Across Lincolnshire, the OCTs most widely used are accuRx, eConsult and askmyGP. Resources and training for these OCTs can be found below.


accuRx Training & Support Resources

eConsult Training and Support Resources:

  • A useful library of eConsult help articles and user guides can be found here
  • A chat function is available at the bottom right corner of each page on the eConsult website. This provides practices with useful guides or the option to speak with an advisor. The eConsult support team is available 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. They can also be reached via

askmyGP Training and Support Resources

Both accuRx and eConsult offer bespoke training for practices. For further information, please contact

1 NHS England Online Consultations Implementation Toolkit PowerPoint Presentation (

Doctrin Resources

Doctrin case studies:

Lakeside’s Journey with Doctrin

Kerry Gardner, Chief Nurse at Lakeside presenting at the recent Healthcare Plus Conference on their experience with Doctrin:


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Did you know that practices and PCNs across Lincolnshire can benefit from FREE general IT literacy training? Phoenix Software offers a wide range of workshops on the topics below. These workshops can be tailored to the needs of your practice or PCN.

Get More From M365

  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • One Note
  • Planner
  • To Do
  • Lists
  • Approvals for Microsoft Teams
  • Shifts for Microsoft Teams
  • Bookings
  • Forms
  • Sway
  • Whiteboard
  • Stream
  • Yammer


  • Office 365
  • Windows 10/11
  • Translator and other Apps

Power Platform

  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • Power Virtual Agents
  • Power BI End User Training

Cloud Document Storage

  • One Drive
  • SharePoint

Microsoft Teams

  • Teams Meetings Essentials
  • Using Teams Sites
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Teams Live Events/ Webinar

For more information, please see the full training product workshop menu:

Recording of Phoenix Software lunch and learn event: Find out more about the training available:

To book training, please contact

NHS Digital offers free certification, including Office 365 Fundamentals certification.

To learn more, please follow this link.


1.2 How to setup remote meetings and consultations

1 3 How to share documents and co author in Teams

1 4 Inclusive Meetings Accessibility Features

1 5 How to make an announcement in Teams

1 6 How to use Breakout Rooms in Teams

1 7 How to use Whiteboard in MS Teams

1 8 Sharing Content within a Teams Meeting

1 9 How to run a meeting Making participants attendees and presenters

1 10 How to use meeting chat in Teams

1 11 How to manage Teams meeting options in Microsoft Outlook

1 12 How to access and share meeting recordings from Teams

1 13 Adding a Poll in Teams meetings and chat

1 14 How to access and download meeting resources

1 15 How to add Teams Apps to channels


Video Tutorials


2.1 How to Navigate Outlook

2.2 How to create and compose an Email with M365 attachments

2.3 How to create a calendar event, inviting attendees and adding a Teams meeting link

2.4 How to view your calendar and other calendars in Outlook

2.5 How to use accessibility features in Outlook

2.6 How to share calendar meeting availability internally and externally

2.7 How to organise your emails using clean up

2 8 How to create folders and rules to manage your mailbox

2.9 How to flag and create tasks and to do in Outlook

2.10 How to access outlook Options and amend working times, meeting durations and display options

2.11 How to access advanced calendar options, reply all, forward and reply with IM


3.1 How to access OneDrive from office com

3.2 How to save to OneDrive

3.3 How to upload files folders to OneDrive

3.4 How to co author online 

3.5 How to Share Documents via OneDrive

3.6 How to remove access to documents in OneDrive

3.7 How to access Version History in OneDrive


4.1 How to access SharePoint

4.2 How to share files from SharePoint

4.3 How to sync and access documents in File Explorer

4.4 How to manage documents and version history

4.5 How to recover your documents GDPR & Compliance


5.1 How to access and create a Planner Board

5 2 How to manage a Planner Board

5 3 How to assign and Track Tasks

5 4 How to use Microsoft To Do

5 5 How to use Planner in Microsoft Teams

5 6 How to access insights in Planner


6 1 How to access Microsoft Forms via office com

6 2 How to create various question types including using multiple choice, text and charts

6 3 How to review form responses

6 4 How to Share a form

6 5 How to amend a form’s settings

Power BI

7 1 How to access Power BI via a browser and Teams app

7 2 How to add a Power BI report to a Channel tab

7 3 How to access multiple data sources in Power BI

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Mentoring Skills for Senior Leaders 12th Sept
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